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Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Halloween Candles Evil Trees

When I started making candle props out of discarded paper towel rolls I had no idea what it would turn into, or if they would even turn out. They did and to my surprise, these are not a flimsy paper craft,they are strong and durable they feel like rubber, they're flexible, so you do not have to worry about breakage and they're water resistant! I am sure if one wanted, one could add a sealant and totally water proof them. I really hadn't a clue how well a paper towel roll would work in place of the pvc pipe but I am so happy with the results. Of course after that first one came another and then another...

The very first candles I made were stand alone individual candles, that I could place alone or in groups.


Then on came the imagination along with it all sorts of different types of candles!

Skulls and glitter spider's

Tombstones and candles


Candles with faces

and now evil trees

Find more photos like this on Garage of Evil!!

My paper towel roll candle creations have become a huge part of my prop making.I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. If you would like to see my creepy candle how-to you can here HouseofDewberry creepy candle How-to

You might also be interested in seeing where my paper towel roll inspiration came from RavensHallow's How-to pvc candles.On the Garage of Evil. She has an easy to follow tutorial on pvc candles which are different from mine, but are what inspired me. I came upon her candles and love them! I thought it would be fun to create them to use in photo shoots, Halloween displays, etc. At that time I didn't have any pvc pipe handy or the particular lighting for those candles, but, what I did have was paper towel rolls and tea lights!

If you feel inspired and I hope you do; to make some of your own paper towel roll candles or pvc pipe candles I would love it if you send me a link or pictures to be featured here.
Have fun and enjoy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Creepy Found Object Makeover

This lovely thing is a find my Mother showed up with one day. She found it on her many travel through miscellaneous stores and shops around town. She is a notorious contributor to my, shall we call it what it is, my deconstruct rebuild habit.

I had taken a couple of pictures of it before I started to work on it, it was a while ago that she found it, maybe a year or so. I had this thing kicking around the garage for a long time as I didn't have the time to work on it. Then one day I grabbed it and started to transform it with out thinking about taking more pics, but I though I would share it anyway.

Maybe at one point it was pretty and I wonder where it was displayed. Was it a table topper at someones wedding or special event? I guess I will never know.

The color combination I found interesting. It was yellow brown and orange and the flowers had kelly green glitter on them. The glass candle holders had an Italian green and gold lace frill around the base of them, with white lace covering the Styrofoam platform on which the candles base stood.

I took it a part and painted the candle stand black, then put it back onto the platform. Then smeared it with monster mud, the lace, flowers and all. The center of it needed something so I made a paper mache skull painted it black and dry brushed it with white. Before adding the skull I made a nest with black moss for it to lay in. I took the flowers that I had made from monster mud and outlined them with black glitter to match the candles which I made from repurposed paper towel rolls, find the how-to here and covered them with scrap paper. How to on scrap paper candles to follow shortly for those who maybe interested. I mounted the candles and made the wax drips then painted them black and added black glitter to them to match the flowers. This is what it looks like now....

It is black and white with the lights on and looks gorgeous. I am not a photographer so my pictures don't really do it justice.

You can also see it here. Follow the link.

House of Dewberry Haunted Woodland of Weir on Etsy

Here is what is looks like with some colored light effects.