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Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall Halloween Crayon Candle How-to

Fun, fast and easy is how I like it! This project is certainly that! I created these Fall/Halloween faux candles in about an hour and so can you!

To make these you will need:

Cardboard Paper Towel Rolls (however many you decide you want to make)

Glue stick

Printed napkins, gift wrap, scrap-booking paper


Mog Podge

Crayons (that match your paper)


Plastic tea lites

Waxpaper or Newspaper *something to protect your work surface*

Heat Gun *to melt the crayons*

Bottle *to hold the paper towel roll while you melt the crayons*

So lets get started!
These are the two napkins I chose, I really liked the Fall colors.



Here is what your Napkins will look like unfolded. The creases do not matter because once you roll and glue the creases will disappear.

Take your paper towel roll and napkin and decide how you want to position your design on the roll and how tall or short you want your candle, then cut the roll. When cutting your napkin make your cut an inch taller than the roll, you will tuck the extra in at the top of the roll. Use the cut side of the roll for the top, that way the bottom is still level.

Once you have decided on the positioning allowing for the extra inch at the top, take your glue stick and run it along the first edge of the napkin being careful not to tear it. Only apply the glue to the edge of the napkin or your napkin will wrinkle and you will not be able to smooth the paper down against the cardboard as it is thin and will tear.

Now that you have the first edge glued, you can smooth the napkin making it tight and apply glue to the other edge. Now that both sides are glued you can tuck in the top.

Now to create the seat for the tea lite. Start by tearing off a piece of tape and sticky side down position it an inch or so inverted into the top of the roll. You can use your tea lite to help push the tape into position. Now repeat one piece at a time until the top is covered. It should look like this, although, I put this one too far into the roll so the lite sits too far down into it. You might want to make yours level with the top.

Take the Mod Podge apply a thin coat again being careful not to tear the paper. Once that is dry if you feel it needs another coat you can appy it now.

Time for the crayons!

You should put something down to protect your work surface. I put wax paper down. I also put my candle on top of an old bottle to hold it in place while I melted the crayons. The crayons melt very fast and the wax is thin like water so it can blow and splatter if there is air generated by the heat gun. So use caution.

Remove the paper from the crayons. Carefully hold the crayon over the top rim of the paper towel roll apply the heat and let the wax drip down the roll! Fun! You can use as many colors as you want so get creative!

That's it now your done and you can admire your beautiful candles! They are perfect for anything. Table scape, mantel. imagine them tucked into a Fall or Halloween center piece.

Thank you for following along! Have fun!


  1. Glad you are back! This is a fantastic project and I think I might give it a go. Yahoo...the season is fast
    approaching....Cheers to my favorite Halloween Blogger!

    1. Thanks Feral!! Thankful for all your support, you are amazing! I hope you do make some, as busy and talented as you are, this would be super simple for you! Looking forward to a spooktacular season!

  2. Very creative. Nice project. Good tutorial. Wonder if you've ever considered writing a book or doing online tutorials for money. You are VERY generous. XOXO Robin in New York