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Monday, February 25, 2013

Macabre Paper Towel Roll Dripping Wax Candles

Happy New Year, Valentines Day, MLK day, Presidents day, and anything else that may have passed and I may have left out. I hope everyone has had a lovely start to this New Year 2013.
It's now 247 days left until Halloween, at least it is here where I am. Right now 247 days may seem like a lot and a little early to be thinking about Halloween , however, any true Halloween enthusiast will tell you each day passing is one less day to get your build on. Halloween is a terrific Holiday to get some family bonding in, so gather the family, pick a project and set some time aside to meet and work together through out the year towards your perfectly chilling Halloween you will be happy you did. It is easy to get started, all you have to do is pick a theme for your next years yard display, Haunted house or Halloween party. Then once the plan is made gather what you need. There are so many great terrorific Halloween resource, How-to's, tutorials ,free printables here on the web. @Garage of Evil is one of them. The garage is a central hub for all things Halloween and it's up all year long, 24 days a week. If you are looking for inspiration, help with a project, anything Halloween related this is the perfect place to start.

So there it is the big inspirational speech for Halloween 2013! I hope you will check in through out the year to see whats new, to get inspired and or be moved enough to create something really chilling.

I thought I would share a couple of my faux candle creations that I have been working on, there are more in the works , however, I will save those for later time. The first one is a Skeleton rising up from the melted wax. It started out as a crawling candle like this one below; just taller.

But then, one of the legs started to resemble an arm reaching out and I started rolling tape and building the rib cage. Then found these skull heads and well there you have it a full bodied skeleton, wax dripping tentacles, holding smaller skulls. It just happens sometimes, if a candle project sits unfinished in my view for any length of time the more chances of it turning into something other than what it started out as is a probability.

I created him the same way I did all the other candles using only paper, glue, tape, paint and my imagination. For those who are new to the House here are the directions to my original faux candles that are made from items you probable have on hand. Not sure if I could do a how-to on this one, he wasn't really planned out and I didn't document the process. Not to worry there will be plenty of how-to's through out the year.

This one is a work in progress. It's a creepy tree with a wicked face which will light up, wax branches and wax arms holding candles spilling melted wax. Not sure how he will look upon his finish, there is always the possibility that he will change as well, one can never be sure.

I will post more picture of it as it progresses. I will be excited to have it finished. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions feel free!