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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Handmade Halloween Paper Roll Candle How-To Skull Jester

Last year I shared a simple candle craft project that I created using glitter skulls I had picked up from Michaels Art and Craft store and thought I would do the same with these cute little glitter skulls I also found at Michaels. If you want to check out last years post here is a link to it. Skull Candle How-to

This candle is made almost the same way except you do not have to cut the skull in half. This skull is smaller and it is made from plastic, not Styrofoam.

To get started here is a list of supplies you will need.

Glue gun and glue sticks. (I used 4 sticks for this project, you may use less or more, it is up to you)

Xacto knife

Masking tape

2 Paper towel rolls

Glitter skulls (purchased at Michaels)

Black and silver metallic craft paint which I forgot to include in the picture. You can purchase the craft paint at Michaels.

Before we get started I want to stress the importance of taking precautions when working with hot glue for those who are inexperienced. It would be good to have a bowl filled with ice and water on the table close to you. In the event that you get hot glue on you, you can quickly submerge or pour on the water it will cool the glue disabling it. It is instinct once one realizes they are burning to try and quickly brush the burning glue off. That only ends with another burn. So please take the extra precaution and save yourself from a nasty burn. If at any point after you start to apply the hot glue to the roll and it gets bumped and starts to tip over (((DO NOT GRAB IT))). It's covered in hot glue and it's HOT! Let it fall, the glue will clean up and it will not hurt the candle drips. You can just glue over any places you don't like. If you are creating with children it is very important that they know this and what to do if glue gets on them.

Ok, let's get started! Take the paper roll, choose where you want the skull positioned on it, then make a hole using your scissors or xacto knife, a small circle the size of the back of the skulls head. Next, secure it into the hole. It really doesn't matter if the hole is perfect, you will be applying glue around the head which will fill in any gaps.

Now that the skull is where you want it, you can put a little glue around the face area to secure it.

Time to take the smaller roll and cut it in half to make the Jester hat.

To do that I flattened the cardboard tube and cut some v's into it, I don't measure the cut's out or anything creative like that, I just cut it.

When you are finished cutting the V's, cut that piece in half as well.

Paint the little hat black then let it dry. You can speed things up with a blow dryer. When dry, take a pencil and curl the tips.

Glue the hat onto the skull and candle by placing a drop of hot glue on both sides and pressing each side of the hat onto the candle. Be careful not to burn yourself with the glue.

To create the top of the candle, you will need to tear off several pieces of tape, approximately 3" you will need 5 or so. Take the tape sticky side down and place the tea light on it then tuck it into the hole the sticky side of the tape will stick to the sides of the roll. Continue this until the hole is covered. The tea light should now fit easily down into it and not fall down into the tube.

When done placing all the tape pieces, it should look like this. Fold over the extra tape if there is any.

Paint the paper roll black and let dry.

When dry place the candle onto a paper towel standing upright, this will not only protect your surface from the hot glue drips, it will hold the puddles you will make to support your candle and allow it to free stand. Time to start dripping! But first make some glue puddles around the bottom of the candle, this will keep it from tipping over and should look like this.

Cover most of the candle in drips making sure to cover up and around the skull to fill any gaps and to give it a seamless appearance. It should look like this.

When you are happy with your candle wax effect, it is time to paint the drips black and let it dry.

It should look like this now.

Now for the dry brushing. Take some of the silver metallic paint squeeze a little on a paper towel, then dip your brush. Then take your brush and brush it back and forth on the paper towel to take some of the excess off, then lightly brush the raised glue drips back and forth until you get the effect you want, tear off the paper towel and you're done!

This is what it should look like all finished! You can paint the tea light to match.

Have fun and let me know how yours come out!


  1. Another amazing project. You speak of glue burns from experience I am sure. I had a glue glob drip on the top of my foot once. It was pretty nasty. I like your idea of a bowl of ice water nearby. I will use that next time I have my glue gun out. Hope you don't mind that I pin this! It is so awesome.

    1. Yes, I have seen others burn themselves! Not a good thing at all. The foot is very sensitive, bet that hurt!! Ouch! Thanks for the Pin, my friend!

  2. coming your way from the Karen at Feral Turtle because i was so intrigued and rightfully so! I love this project and the tutorial. Following along via GFC because I love your blog and scary stuff and don't want to miss out!

    1. Hi Danni, Welcome to the House and thank you! I will be sure to thank Karen as well!

  3. Happy Holidays Sherry. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!