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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Handmade Halloween Skeleton Coffin

As the scare season is creeping closer and only 100 days left until Halloween! I wanted to share something I pieced together from a surprise find I found while out for a walk with friends.

Passing a local parking lot, I noticed a small pile of discarded trash, unusual for this lot as it is normally kept very clean form debris, trash, etc, probably why it caught my eye something was out of place. At first glance it was just trash, some papers, plastic, nothing unusual, until I noticed the little black cardboard box shaped as a coffin! I could no longer ignore it!

Not wanting to disappoint my friends who had now stopped to see what in the world I was suddenly so excited about, while they stood giving me the eye rolls and the oh no, here she goes again, look. With all that what else could I do but take it home and make it into a Halloween prop! ha ha ha, therefore, and without any further ado, Ta da!

The possibilities for this coffin box are endless, however, I just wanted to make something simple and quick. I really didn't want it to hit the to do pile. I wanted it finished and ready to display. What I saw for it was something like the Skeleton that I created on one of my faux candles.

I grabbed some wire and tape twisted it together,coated it in hot glue then popped a small plastic skull head on it and done!

At first I wasn't sure I could recreate the skeleton because the first one I made was attached to the candle so it had a support. This one would be semi free standing. Once I got started I knew it would work and perfectly it did! It's completely posable. Moving forward I will definitely be creating more of these.

Well there you have it, a perfect example of handmade Halloween. Taking something and making it into something useful. All of which I love to do! Enjoy have fun and get inspired Halloween is coming!


  1. This is so awesome. You are so very creative!!! As the saying goes, One mans junk is another mans treasure. Could you imagine all the recycling that would happen if bloggers were let loose in a dump?

    1. It would be amazing! The things we could do. "can you imagine" yes,I can. Thank you Feral!