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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Witches Shoes Cake Stand How-to

Another dollar store Halloween plate make over. Sometimes I just like to take a break from my more involved creations and do something fun, fast and easy and I just love these plates! I've been having a lot of fun with them. Here are direct links to the other two plates I made if you would like to view them. Dollar Store Halloween Plate Makeover and Dollar Store Halloween Orange Pumpkin Serving Tray

Here is how I created this one.

I cleaned the plate with warm water and soap, then wiped it with alcohol. This is the only prep I did. I use a black dollie on the plate under food to protect the plate.

I painted it with black craft paint.

I used white glue and purple glitter for the eyes of the skulls.

Supplies I used, minus the tea light

The legs are made from paper towel rolls, black glitter gift wrapping paper and purple glitter ribbon. I found the witches shoes at Michaels Craft Store. They were originally meant to hold a little tealight, however, in my imagination I saw something completely different.

The shoes weren't in the best condition when I found them. I had to fix them up a little by re-glittering the polka dots and repainting where the paint had chipped off but Michaels had them marked down appropriately which was very nice and they fixed up easily enough.

I wrapped the paper towel roll with the black glitter paper and glued it with a glue stick.

I then applied the glitter ribbon securing each wrap with a little dot of hot glue. The ribbon has 1" spaces between them.

Now I glued the paper towel roll into the shoes where the tealights were suppose to go.

It's a perfect fit!

Last I glued the plate onto the top of the rolls and there it is! A very simple, very Halloweenie, in a Witchey way, cake stand or gruesome goodie server!

Opps I almost forgot the purple spiders! I hot glued two little purple spiders onto the buckles! I found those also at Michaels in the floral department.

I hope you enjoyed this and that it inspires and encourages you to go out and create something Halloweenish! Have fun and thanks for reading!


  1. That is just fabulous! Now I need to run back over the Michaels - trip number 3 or is it 4 this week! I just love Halloween!

  2. It looks so amazing. and i love the color of your cupcake stand.

    Cake Stand & Tableware

  3. I love, love these and made the candles and everyone has complimented how real they look. Do you have a how to for the skeleton bodies that you make, they look awesome as well and wanted to try my hand at making them as this is my first halloween decorating ....
    thanks colleen

    1. Hi Colleen,
      So happy to hear you were successful at making the candles! I'm not sure what skeleton you are asking about. Are they the ones on my Fan page on facebook?