Welcome To My Darkside

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Evil Twin Candle Props

Meet the Twins
They need a new haunt, stay tuned it's time for a Halloween give away.


  1. You come up with the coolest things. They are really great!

    1. Hi, Collette!!! How could I join the giveaway??? I would absolutely be overly thrilled to win this!!!! I don't ever sign up for give aways because my luck's honestly not very good. Although most people claim to have bad luck over silly things, I actually really do. On a lighter note, regardless of my luck, I cannot pass this up!!! If you could give me any info, that would be great! I've typed out the lengthy comments here asking you if you have a how to on the beautiful creepy tree! I can't recall it's exact make though. But my son and I made the black candles with dripping wax out of the paper towel rolls. I plan to upload them to my FB with a link back to your page so you will receive credit and followers. Thanks for being amazing!!! If you could send me a reply to, that would be fantastic. I am having troubles on here because I can't get logged out of my son's Google profile. Go figure....anyway, I am so excited to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Much love girl!.