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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paper Mache Pumpkin, Halloween in June

Not really , however, there are only 135 days left until Halloween! Summer is a great time to work on props, paper mache, paint, glues all dry faster in warm weather and you don't freeze to death while working outside. Just remember the sun screen. Here is a couple of projects I have been working on for Halloween 2012.

I used a lot of bright color this time on my pumpkins. For those of you that may be first time readers and are not familiar with my pumpkins here is a picture of Mask. He is done in my traditional black and white.

I stumbled upon these Soy Paints while browsing at Jo-Ann's fabric store and fell in love with the brilliant colors. They're eco friendly and mesh well with the handmade, recyclable, reuse, quality of my art. Upon discovering them I immediately wanted to incorporate them into my Halloween decor. This is what I came up with. I will definitely use these paints again.

The pumpkin is painted with Tangerine and dried brushed with sunflower, the candles with Lavender and the mud flower is Kiwi and sunflower.

The pumpkin itself is made from papermache, (news paper strips and paper clay), the candles are created from paper towel rolls and hot glue, and the flower is made from monster mud. Here is a link to how I make paper towel roll candles.

I hope this guy (which I haven't figured out a name for yet) inspires you even though it is only June! Halloween is right around the corner.
Here are some candles I have been working on as well, they're works in progress. I hope to be able to show them finished soon.

Enjoy and remember to use caution while building, always be safe.


  1. Your Halloween decorations are unbelievably amazing. You are so creative! Cheers.

  2. I love the colours used in your jack-o-lantern! The bright bold candy colours remind me of Halloween in the 90s X) Good work!
    -LM Phantasm

  3. Omg these creations are awesome!!! I'm on a low budget and would love to learn how to make the creepy trees and paper mache pumpkins. Ive tried to make paper mache type projects and they always turn out like a third grader made it lol. This is the first time ive heard of monster mud and paper clay before. Been goggling about them lol. Plz if you could show me some steps into how to make, I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you

    1. Thank you Melany, I will be posting new how-to's through out the year feel free to check back and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  4. Oh! That pumpkin head is just glorious and I really love the dripping scary tree. You're a hot-glue genius!

  5. How did you get the scroll work on the pumpkin?