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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween How-To Potato Fingerling Creepy Critters

So ugly they're cute! That is what comes to mind when I see these silly little creatures.  Gourds and small pumpkins are a spooktacular addition to a well decorated Halloween table.I enjoy using both in my displays and at my Halloween feast. I came across these Fingerling Potatoes and couldn't help wondering how they would do as a Halloween prop. The only way I was going to find out was to get some and see what happens, so I did. I wasn't all that sure if they would dry up so that they would be useable or if they would just mold and decay. To my surprise and over time they did dry up but, before they did, they did what potatoes do when left to sit, they grew sprouts! Which turn out to be a good thing because it added to the creepiness factor. What you will need.

1) Fingerling Potatoes ( How ever many you want to make)
2) Black beans (with a white dot on them)
3) Carving tool (or small knife)
4) Something to cover your work space with. (even though there is very little mess with this project)
Step 1) Take your carving tool of choice and carve a little hole for the bean.
Step 2) Then add your bean.
Step 3) Repeat on the other side. When you have finished with your other potatoes. They should look like this. They already look creepy just the way they are. They will get even creeper after a couple of weeks and end up looking like these guys.
This one reminds me of Randell Boggs
Just a word of warning. If you do use them for decorations at your Halloween feast make sure your guest don't eat them! Enjoy!

 Thanks Chucky from Spooky Scary Art Creations  for "it's so ugly it's cute" 

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  1. This is awesome. I might have to give this a try! I'm your newest follower!