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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Edgar Allen Poe: Life and Time in the Bronx

This is amazing glimpse into the life of Edgar Allen Poe. If you are a Poe fan it is a definite watch.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY Candle Poject by Hunter

This is Hunter! My rockin cool nephew! He had a project to do for English class. The objective was to turn trash into a viable working object. He choose to make what else? Candles Yay! Anyway, the title of his project was "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" How perfect an opportunity to use, what else, the paper towel roll that ends up in the trash. He put together a little photo shoot showing his project and had mom send it over to me to share, here it is.

A note about my Sister in law's house. She has the neighborhood house where all the kids end up after school and on the weekends. No matter when you drop by you are going to find kids running in and out. They have the fun house on the block, the one with the very large tree in the backyard, with the gigantic tree house built in it, the trampoline, tree swing, etc... inside there is the huge screen TV for video games, movies, guitar hero, etc. Oh and she always has plenty of snacks and drinks. My sister in law is huge on keeping all the kids fed and hydrated! A lot of cooking and creating goes on there, so it didn't surprise me too much when I received these pictures of Hunter's project, I love it. Thanks Jodi and Hunter!

Here are the pictures, I hope they serve to motivate and show you how easy and fun it is to make these candle so you can have fun too!

Here he is showing the glass pebble that he use to weigh the candle down. How cute!

His candles are ready for glue drips!

Here he's applying the hot glue to make the candle drips.

Hard at work!

All painted!


Working candles from throw away trash! Great job Hunter! Hope you got a A on this project!

If anyone else ventures into making these paper towel roll and hot glue candles please leave a link in the comments box. I would love to share them here on the House of Dewberry. Have fun! Here is the link to the Candle How-to

Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY Halloween Creepy Candles

For first time readers here is the link to my how-to on making decorative spooky Halloween candle props. From beginner to more advanced these are perfect to add to your Halloween display and easy enough for the whole family to make. Made from a simple paper towel roll, hot glue and paint. Glitter, paint, or decorative paper the possibilities are endless it just takes a little imagination.

Stand alone or applied to something to make a creepy display.

Just have fun!

Here is a link to my more advanced candles Killer Candles!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Killer Candles

In my last post I shared with you one of my Candle Pumpkins so this time I am sharing some of my stand alone Candles.

Both pumpkins and candles are made from the same process, paper mache, paper clay and re-purposed paper towel rolls and anything else I desire to use. If you would like to see more on how I create the candles you can read my DIY Candle How To here. Unfortunately the internet is not equipped with a feature that allows one to handle them because these candle are truly amazing, after seeing them and touching it one would definitely find it hard to imagine that they are made from a simple cardboard paper towel roll.

This is the top of the candle it holds a battery operated tea light so there isn't much concern that it can catch fire. Although if you do not have that concern the tea light is removable and will fit a wax tea light. Not that I am suggesting it, this is just for info purposes only. I personally feel better not having to worry about someone knocking one over while I am not watching.

The face features a cut out just like on a traditional Jack o lantern.

This is the bottom where the light box is attached which not only lights up the inside of the candle but it makes a great stand for the candle.

The light box changes color making for a spectacular light display the inside of the candle I make white which reflects the color better.

In this picture I bounced light off of it from an outside source. There are so many ways to display these, they are just as creepy with the lights on as in the dark.

If you have any questions I love to share so feel free to ask.
Madame Dewberry

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pumpking Carving

Ray Villafane his pumpkin carving is amazing don't you think?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming Soon

Here is a sneak peek at some of the items, handmade props, home and haunt decor that will be available in my new store Haunted Woodland Of Weir On Etsy when it opens this month.

This is one of my pumpkin sculptures. One picture shows how it looks in the light and the other in the dark with color lights projecting on it. I have had a lot of request for these and I am happy to finally be able to make them available to those who want them.

The next two pictures are of a table topper which I have made from re-purposed items. I will be sharing more on my creative process later for those who are interested. The table topper features a skull in which I sculpted. It also has several black roses that I made from monster mud and black glitter. The candles are made from paper rolls and have plastic tea lights instead of real wax candles so one does not need to worry about the fire risks. The tea lights are removable and replaceable.

I am very excited about and looking forward to getting Haunted Woodland of Weir up and running. I hope you will stop by for a visit.