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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Giant Pumpkins

My latest project is two giant pumpkins one of which is almost ready for the finishing touches, paint effects! Made with paper mache and homemade paper-clay. They stand 29" tall which is 2 1/2 feet high and are 81" around, almost 7 feet around when finished.
Finished pictures will be posted so check back.

The bottom three pics are the pumpkins in paper form. The above pic shows what they look like once the clay has been applied.

If you have any questions/ comments about this project or any other you see here on my site please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer or to assist you in creating your own paper mache projects.


  1. Sherry, these are sooooooooooooooo cool! I don't think I would have the patience to do them!! You are so talented!! I wish I lived beside you! ;o) LOL!! Have a great day ;o)

  2. Thanks Magic, I can't wait for Halloween it is going to to very scary here! It would be great if you lived around here think of all the Raven art we could create!

  3. These are great.
    What did you use to keep the shape when drying?

  4. Hi Anon,

    I stuff a huge plastic bag with newspaper, cover it with paper stripes, dry, and then carve the face with the stuffing still in it. Anything I do to the pumpkin, I do it once the face is carved while the stuffing is still in it. That way if it gets re-wet it, keeps it's shape while it dries again and you can kind of monitor what is going on inside the pumpkin. You do have to be careful that you get it to dry quickly at this point, because it can mold rather fast with plastic bag in it. I hope this answers your question. Feel free if you have anymore.

  5. They are looking amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product. I always love to see your creations!

  6. The top picture looks like the creature that imprisoned Sasori...